My Son's Birthday

My son's birthday was sad without my grandma.  She always looked forward to coming down to a bbq or pizza to celebrate my son's birthday.  She also loved the cake that I would make for him.  It was a family affair and always so much fun.

His birthday was a month and two days after my grandma passed away.  It was a somber event, and I felt so bad for my little man.  We had ordered pizza, and my mom had the table set.  It was sad when he asked where grandma was.  I had to remind him that she wasn't coming and he got super frustrated.  Even though he just turned eight, it was so hard on him to understand that she was here one day and then literally the next she was gone.

We got through dinner and when it was time for cake, my son was sad.  He always sat by grandma and would describe the scene on his cake for her.  It was always so cute to watch.  This year she wasn't there for him to describe his dinosaur cake.  He tried so hard to hold back his tears.

I told my son that we had a special present for him, and he got all excited.  I presented him from a gift that was from grandma.  He was confused, as she wasn't there.  I explained to him that during our last visit with her, we had discussed his birthday and she had asked me to pick it up for her.  So I picked up the Jurassic Park Trilogy for him from her.  He had tears in his eyes and said that he would always treasure the gift.  It truly was a bittersweet moment.


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